Yard Clean Up Options

  • One time and/or consistent yard cleaning service
  • Special event or party yard cleaning service
  • Immediate clean up service required by town ordinances and/or citations
  • Contact us about specific needs - we will handle it all!

  • We offer a FREE In-Home Consultation for these additional services for an opportunity to
    meet with you and your pets so we can get to know each other!

    Pet Sitting Visit

    We will come to your home, where your pet is most comfortable, and provide services of your choice to maintain your pet’s routine. We will discuss with you in detail any specific instructions to manage our coming and going in the same way you would if you were to come home to spend some time with your four legged family member(s)!

    Pet Sitting Visits can include feeding and elimination services, walking, companionship, play time, and light grooming. During each visit, we would be happy to dispose of their waste and provide fresh drinking water, food, and/or treats so you can feel confident that they will have all of their needs met while you are out of the home. The cost will be determined based on the number and type of pets and the time required to complete the requested duties.

    Pet sitting visits are offered on both long and short term basis, as they can be valuable from an occasional one time helping hand, to a long term ongoing basis for as long as we can be of service! As a complementary service, while we are visiting your pet(s), we can bring in your mail, water plants, take in trash cans, and turn on/off lights throughout the house to give the appearance that someone is home.

    We also have a veterinary technician available to administer medication and tend to and care for your pets if needed.

    Dog Walking Visit

    This 25-30 minute service helps to make sure your dog is happy, healthy, and attended to regularly! We will provide a leashed walk throughout your neighborhood to offer your pet exercise and an opportunity for elimination. If you have a predetermined route that you would like us to follow, just let us know and we would be glad to do so!

    During this visit, we would be happy to dispose of their waste and provide fresh drinking water, food, and/or treats if you’d like, so you can feel confident that they will have all of their needs met while you are out of the home. We can also provide a pet exercise session which includes a 30 minute run/walk. Contact us for further information on this service.

    Special Customized Exercise Services

    Prices based on time per visit and activity required.

    If your pet is recovering from an illness and needs to follow special rehabilitation instructions to heal optimally, or if your pet is a show dog, or competes in competitions and follows a specialized routine, we would be happy to follow your special instructions or program that suites the needs of you and your pet(s).

    Pet Food/Supply Pick-Up

    In effort to save you time while taking the very best care of your furry family members, we will pick up your pet food and any other pet supplies from your veterinarian’s office, pet supply or specialty store of your choice!

    We will provide you with an individualized receipt to track your purchases. This service is especially useful during the cooler months in anticipation of inclimate weather. We have had great appreciation of our pet food pick up service expressed from individuals with limited mobility for a variety of reasons. This service is also frequently utilized by families pressed for time in months when children are back in school, and activities pick up, and/or during busy holiday seasons, and when unexpected illnesses, surgery, or other events arise and time just falls short.

    Cost will be the total spent on your order(s) and our service fee. (We will let you know in advance if the location you need us to travel to is out of our routine area. While we will still be happy to accommodate and meet your needs, we will let you know of additional costs assumed for further travel if necessary).

    Pet Taxi

    For the one way, or round trip transportation of your pets to and/or from a location.

    Typically, we transport a pet to the vet, groomer, doggie day care, or location of your need and release them into the care of your professional. If needed, we can also return to pick them up and bring them back home based on the time-frame given by either you or the office/location. If we are needed to stay at the location with the pet(s), there is an additional fee assumed, relative to the total time our services are needed (waiting in the office/location).

    Litter Box Maintenance

    Scooping – emptying & refilling - disinfecting

    Upon the request of many of our satisfied dog waste removal customers, we have added this service to help keep your feline family members happy as well! This service can include scooping the waste from the box, completely emptying the litter box, cleaning and disinfecting the litter box, replacing the litter (with your cats home supply, keeping things as they are used to them) and, of course, disposing of the old litter and waste ourselves. It will be out of your home, off your property, and off of your mind (and to do list)! Your cats litter box will be a healthy, clean environment, and your home will consistently smell fresh.